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Hello! My name is Cathy Dao, a third year accounting student on the CPA track. I possess an extensive comprehension of leading accounting software titles and full-charge bookkeeping responsibilities.

Working closely with small businesses is both my specialty and passion from retail/manufacturing to managing the books for independent artists. I strive for clarity, results, and ultimately, the growth of those with whom I have the privilege to work. My strengths as predominantly in A/R, A/P, journal entries, invoicing, reconciliations, B&O, client/ vendor database management, and operating analysis.

I am seeking opportunities to further apply my education by learning alongside a CPA, especially in the areas of payroll, taxation, report preparation, and auditing.



December 5, 2008

To Whom It May Concern,

Butch Blum is a high end European designer specialty store founded in Seattle in 1974. We have introduced most major designers to the Northwest in our 3+ decades in business. Cathy Dao applied for an internship in our store in her senior year in college. Our policy has always been to only take 5 interns per season, and Cathy was in our Winter group of 2008.

Cathy was a very responsible intern. No job was beneath her. She was not a clock-watcher and often volunteered to help with special projects outside of her intern-scheduled hours, such as our Ladie's Night Out party in last December.
Cathy was in our store 2 -3 days per week and interacted in a very positive manner with our entire sales team and client base. She consistently performed any task given her in a professional manner.

Cathy learned how to do the following during her tenure with us:

  • Professionally package a mail out of designer apparel, communicate with clients on tracking information and expected delivery times
  • Operate UPS shipping computer software, including history of shipments and well as processing new shipments
  • Mark merchandise with a swift tack gun and steam press merchandise
  • Communicated with our vendors with regard to errors in shipping and enacted returns to vendors
  • Merchandise apparel onto the selling floor, maintain stock, including refolding dress shirts restoring "the guts"
  • Deliver merchandise to clients in the downtown area and was responsible for communicating with clients when their alterations were ready for pickup
  • Develop mailings of promotional materials to new homeowners in greater Puget Sound, as well as magazine distribution in the heart of DT Seattle
  • Enact our birthday gift certificate mailings, over 500 per month
  • Helped enact closing procedures daily, preparing the cash wrap station for the following day's business and securing inventory and computers prior to closing

Cathy was a pleasure to have in our company. We look forward to seeing her achieve her career goals.



Kay Smith-Blum

Butch Blum

March 27, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

I confirm that Cathy Dao has been my Creative Marketing Intern at BoConcept for a month. Although she has only started with our company recently, she has already shown that she is a quick learner, pro-active, responsible, problem solves creatively, resourceful, flexible, and detail oriented.

I would happily re-employ Cathy, as I consider her to be a valuable member of the BoConcept team, who consistently achieved good results and delivers all expectations.


Melenie Yap

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

January 6, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

Working with Cathy has always been a pleasure, she is very motivated and professional being able to work under pressure and meet tight dead-lines. I highly suggest Cathy to anyone looking for a valuable asset to their companies marketing and PR.


Nicholas Espinosa

Chief Creative Officer
Chartreuse Marketing


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